A Safari Park Multi-Cultural Celebration of Love and Tradition

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Surrounded by the wild wonders of Port Lympne Safari Park, Emilia and Nicholas wrote the first chapter of their love story. With family flying in from Canada, the day was buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

Starting off with a nod to tradition, the couple dressed in stunning Chinese wedding attires, honoring the bride’s heritage with a captivating tea ceremony. Bathed in the golden glow of the sun and surrounded by loved ones, they exchanged vows by a tranquil pond. After the heartfelt ceremony, the celebration continued with a thrilling safari tour! With eyes wide and hearts open, laughter and joy filled the air as everyone embarked on a journey through the wilderness.

It was a day of joy, love, and wild surprises—a wedding like no other, surrounded by nature’s splendor and cherished memories.

In the beautiful customs of Chinese weddings, the tea ceremony holds a special place, brimming with respect and love. When the newlyweds offer tea to their parents and elders, it’s not just a drink—it’s a heartfelt thank you for their support and acceptance.

By sipping the tea, family members warmly welcome the couple into their lives, while also sharing their blessings for a happy future. As a token of their well wishes, elders often give the couple red envelopes and precious Chinese wedding jewelry like gold bracelets. It’s a moment filled with tradition, joy, and the enduring bonds of family.


Port Lympne Safari Park is home to over 900 animals spanning 75 species, from graceful giraffes to majestic rhinos. What sets this reserve apart is its commitment to conservation—animals roam freely in expansive habitats, mirroring their natural homes. It’s a sight to behold as guests traverse the park, encountering these magnificent creatures in their element.

Even more extraordinary,guests can stay in luxury lodges nestled amidst the wildlife, offering a rare chance to wake up with lions and tigers as neighbors! Nestled amidst the wilderness, these lodges offer a rare opportunity to immerse oneself in the heart of the reserve, with wild neighbors as companions and the sights and sounds of the savannah just steps away! 

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