A Chic Chateau Wedding in France

S & S

In a nutshell, this wedding was the epitome of care-free joy. With no rigid timelines or checklists to follow, everyone embraced the freedom to simply enjoy the party. Laughter filled the air, connections were made effortlessly, and the dance floor was alive with energy. 

In a world where weddings can sometimes feel like a whirlwind of obligations, this celebration was a refreshing reminder to slow down, savor the moment, and embrace the care-free spirit of love and laughter.

Although it took place at a Chateau, this is not your typical fairytale affair. Oh no, it’s a whole new level of chic. The venue itself is far removed from the conventional elegance of a classic chateau. The interior left nothing but a wow effect! 

Sufi & Simo exuded individuality and style, setting a tone of effortless sophistication. Each guest was a style icon, adding to the cool, refined atmosphere of the celebration. From avant-garde ensembles to timeless classics, everyone brought their unique flair, making the event truly extraordinary. If I had to sum it up in one word, it’s definitely “chic.”


The Château

Located in the picturesque rural area of Loge-Fougereuse, Chateau de la Goujonnerie is a hidden gem owned by British antique collectors. The interior of the chateau is on another level, boasting a blend of timeless elegance and unique charm.

For the ceremony and reception, the couple had several areas to choose from, ultimately selecting the small lawn right in front of the chateau—an obvious choice given the stunning backdrop. The bridal party enjoyed a delightful lunch in the exquisite Mirror Room, adorned with chandeliers and glass decor.

The venue’s beauty presented a delightful challenge when it came to choosing locations for family and bridal party portraits, as every room offered a breathtaking backdrop.


The Parties & THE STYLES



Florist: @foliedouce_flower|Hair& Makeup @beatoibeauty|Dress: @viviennewestwood 




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