Preparation Guide For Your Destination Session

Embarking on Your Destination Adventure: A Photographer’s Guide to Essential Preparations

Embarking on your first destination photoshoot can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. As you gear up for this exciting journey, the question lingering in your mind is probably, “What should I bring?” The prospect of capturing unforgettable moments in a breathtaking location is undoubtedly great, but meticulous preparation is key to ensuring a successful shoot. From equipment essentials to wardrobe considerations, there’s a lot to take into account to make this destination session a seamless and memorable experience.

Crafting the Perfect Travel Checklist

Before delving into the specifics of your destination photoshoot, let’s cover the basics. I’ve crafted a comprehensive travel checklist for you, covering everything from personal essentials to tech products you might have. Once the travel necessities are packed, it’s time to shift your focus to the unique requirements of the photoshoot. Let’s make sure your day shines bright!


Brides, It’s Your Time to Shine!

This one-day superstar experience demands careful planning, right? Here are the items that you couldn’t miss!

・shooting outfits (Gown, Veil, Heels, etc)

・a pair of comfortable walking shoes (white) that you can wear underneath your gown.

・strapless or sticky bra

・heat pads if you’re going somewhere chilly

・contact lenses

・mask or any skincare products that keep your skin stay hydrated

・engagement ring

・a silk bouquet if needed

Don’t forget to pamper yourself with pre-session hair, facial treatments, or manicures about two weeks prior – you deserve it!

Grooms, You’re the Co-Star, not just a Supporting Actor

let’s dispel the myth that you’re merely the “actor in a supporting role.” You play a vital part in this production, so let’s pay attention. Pack the big items, and never forget about the details!

shooting outfits (suits, ties, leather shoes, etc)

・a shaver

socks (please please please a LONG pair that match your outfits)

a spare shirt if you’re going to somewhere hot

BELT BELT BELT (the most-forgettable-item of the grooms)

The Finishing Touches: Wrapping Up Your Destination Session Preparations

As you put the finishing touches on your preparations, consider a few more items that can elevate your photoshoot experience. A steamer is a big plus – ironing is a BIG NO for delicate veils and intricate outfits. And most of the accommodation don’t provide s teamer unfortunately, if I were you, I’d bring a small one! Insect repellent might be a wise addition, especially for countryside shoots, but fear not; local pharmacies usually have you covered. With these tips, you should be well-prepared for your destination photoshoot. If you forget something, airport tax-free shops and local stores are your saviors. And remember, I’m always just a message away if you need assistance or advice. Happy shooting!