Your Ultimate Destination Pre-wedding Packing Guide


Now that the date of your destination pre-wedding shoot is approaching, it’s time to pack your bag!

To most of you, it could be your very first destination shooting! And you might be standing in front of the empty suitcase and wondering “what should I bring?”

Don’t worry! I’ve prepared a packing guide for you! Take this as a reference and feel free to customise your own version!

I have included all the important items  for the shooting, as well as everything else you need  when traveling!


  • passports / visas (if needed) & their copies
  • credit cards/ cash
  • phone/ electronic devices and chargers
  • travel documents (boarding pass/ accommodation confirmation/travel insurance copies)
  • international driving licence
  • wedding dresses/ groom attires
  • bouquet (I’d recommend to get one from local florists) & other small props
  • wedding/ engagement ring
  • travel first-aid kit/ sewing kit
  • steamer (if hotels don’t provide that)
  • tote bags
  • sunscreen
  • contact lenses if you don’t want to wear glasses in pictures
  • a jacket or a scarf
  • transparant umbrella (check the forecast and bring this if there’s a chance of raining)


  • your outfits
  • heels
  • comfortable walking shoes in light colour that would fit for most occasions
  • veil
  • accessories and jewellery
  • underwear that fits your outfits (light in color) or they might pop under the sun
  • makeup kit
  • double-sided tape for clothing and body

To my lovely brides, please make sure you have your hair dyed and there’s no unnatural out grow roots, you wouldn’t want to see them in the photos! Don’t forget to keep your nails in good condition too as there’ll be close up shots of your beautiful ring! It’s also super important to keep your skin hydrated, so moisturising is a big MUST!



  • your outfits
  • leather shoes
  • comfortable walking shoes in light colour that would fit for most occasions
  • ties/belt/cufflinks
  • razor
  • socks (please make sure they’re long and match your outfits)
  • hair styling products
  • nose hair scissors

Hey grooms! Don’t think that this is just the bride’s show, it’s not! You’re also important! No more junk food that brings acnes to your face now, you can eat whatever you want after your shoot! You might wanna take good care of your facial hair too, maybe try your very first brow treatment?
If you’re the sweaty kind, I’d recommend to bring 2-3 shirts if you’re shooting in a hot summer day!

You can also download the usual travel packing checklist HERE so you wouldn’t miss any item!

If you forgot something, don’t panic! Check wiht me or your makeup artists to see if we have it. Or airport duty-free could be your last resort! There’s always a solution!

You might want to think seriously about what you don’t need, and try to pack as light as possible. Sometimes it’s hard to rent a big car in certain cities, fewer suitcases will definitely helps! If you’re not sure about whether you’ll need that specific item for shooting, feel free to ask! I’m always here to help!

Can’t wait to see you and explore the destination together! Safe travels and see you soon!

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