What if it rains on the shooting day?
We will pay attention to the weather forecast about a week before the shooting. And we will decide on whether we should keep going 2 days or 1 day before the shoot (unless it’s typhoon then we make decision 4-5 days before). It has to be agreed by all parties (clients, photographer and makeup artist) that the day is not suitable for shooting that we can arrange free rescheduling. When photographer suggest clients to reschedule a shoot, but clients insist to shoot on the day, we can keep the old plan. However, clients will bear the risk that heavy rain could delay the shooting process and no extra hours will be given to re-shoot the photos. If unfortunately the shoot cannot be continue due to heavy rain or thunderstorm, clients can choose to re-shoot on another day for extra cost for $3500 (within 3 hours depending on situation). In case of disputes, we reserve the rights of final decision.


How many locations and styling we can go/have?
Usually we go to 2 locations and have stylings for The Oak package, and 1 location & styling for The Diamond. You can let us know if you have preferences on locations, and we will also give advice on this.

For The Oak package, clients can also choose to have indoor shooting at Tammy’s studio.


How is the transportation on shooting day?
If clients don’t drive by themselves, we can help arranging a 7-seater with driver. It costs around $180-$200/hour.


Are makeup and transportation time included in the package hours?
Makeup time is not included in the package hours, it will take another 2 hours before the shoot. Transportation time is included in the hours. If clients are late causing delay to the shoot, no extra hours will be given.

Any specific style of wedding dress that I should avoid?
We would suggest brides to choose floor-length wedding dress or those with shorter tails. If brides want to shoot at a location which requires a lot of walking, A-line is usually better than a fishtail dresses.


Can I include my pets in the shoot? Does it cost extra?

Yes you can bring your pets too but it would be better if you can have someone take care of them. We do not charge extra for pets.


More questions? Come visit our studio and we’ll discuss more!


通常我們會於拍攝前一星期開始留意天氣預報,再於拍攝前1-2日決定會否延期拍攝(颱風除外,若颱風情況將於4-5日前決定)。改期方面需要客人/攝影師/化妝師一致同意當日天氣不而拍攝,才可免費改期。 如攝影師建議改期,而客人堅持原定日子拍攝,將按客人要求於原定日子拍攝,但客人需自行承擔風險。如因雨勢太大而需暫停拍攝,將不獲「補鐘」。如當日因狂風暴雨而導致拍攝不能如常進行,攝影師可能會建議中止拍攝再擇日補拍。在此情況下,客人可自行決定會否補拍,補拍費用為$3500 (3小時內,視情況而定)。如有任何爭議,我們保留最終決定權。








我們建議客人盡量選擇齊地/小拖尾的婚紗,避色長拖尾。如客人想在某些地點拍攝,而該地點需步行20-30分鐘才可到達,我們會建議選擇A-line 婚紗。